CyberWorks leverages partners, recruiters, and government agencies to search for the best candidates for careers in cybersecurity and IT in Maryland. We do the “heavy lifting” – vetting and screening of education and fit – to provide CyberWorks Business Partners with the best possible candidates. Businesses involved in CyberWorks are committed to helping build a pipeline of future cybersecurity/IT workers that can fill the needs of the business community and move the industry in Maryland forward. 

What is a CyberWorks Business Partner?

A CyberWorks Business Partner is a cybersecurity or IT company willing to help groom cybersecurity/IT workers to fill their workforce needs. There is no upfront cost to participate.  

What You Can Expect?
As a CyberWorks business, you can expect the following as part of your experience:

  • Pre-screening of Eligible Candidates able to Succeed in Cybersecurity,
  • Networking Opportunities with Potential Candidates and the Ability to Support Their Development to Meet Your Needs,
  • Training Support from Workforce Professionals to Customize the Experience. 

How are Candidates Prepared?
Qualified candidates are chosen through review of resumes by industry talent consultants.  Selected candidates are invited to take the CybrScore Assessment to determine the best training plan or job function based on their skills.  CyberWorks workforce partners will work with the candidates and businesses to ensure the experience meets the needs of both parties.