Are you a business interested in participating in the CyberWorks ​program?


Are you a job seeker interested in participating in the CyberWorks ​program?

The Model

How Does It Work?

CyberWorks leverages partners, recruiters, and government agencies to search for the best candidates for careers in cybersecurity and IT in Maryland. We do the “heavy lifting” – vetting and screening of education and fit – to provide CyberWorks Business Partners with the best possible candidates. 
Qualified candidates will begin a two-week sprint hosted by a CyberWorks Training Partner. Unlike traditional classroom training, the Cyber Mindset Training was designed with input from business partners to be hands-on and prepare candidates to be immediately “job ready.” The training will introduce via theory and real-life scenarios issues such as ethics, risk assessment, situational awareness, and problem-solving. These topics will be augmented with essential workplace skills and industry awareness. CyberWorks Business Partners then have the opportunity to meet with candidates to determine best fit at a “Candidate Convention” and choose candidates for the 3-12 month practical work experience. The business partners take on vetted candidates and provide hands-on training, skill building, and mentorship. The company should be willing to take on talented candidates for 20+ hours per week. In return, the business partners receive funds from CyberWorks to offset the training costs. They receive first pick of candidates completing the program and connection to cultivation training for businesses. CyberWorks workforce partners will work with the candidates and businesses to ensure the experience meets the needs of both parties. There is no upfront cost to participate.

If the Business Partner extends an offer to a candidate, CyberWorks requests a small donation back to the program. This donation will ensure the program remains relevant and that partner companies continue to reap the benefits of CyberWorks.